Mohamed Hatem


For almost one third of his life , Hatem Spent his Life Building awesome systems, and lead huge projects and transformations in digital technologies. As digital director, he is making sure we are building the best systems that will make our customers proud to use it. He has huge passion towards building innovative solutions that change the game. He loves music ; it clears his head and heal his heart and lift his spirits. And when it comes to fun he enjoys playing Candy Crush. His goal is to make ConsulTrust the mostly used platform. Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about Impact, Influence and inspiration. And he is the ideal example of leadership. He spreads the passion he has for The Project and work environment. And inspires us and customers too. He is positive and supportive even in negative sitiuations.

Shahan Emad

Marketing Specialist and Business development

Her years of experience led to arriving at her greatest passion when she started her Marketing career in 2016. She is mainly passionate about marketing, as well as learning new things, enhancing her personal development, and imposing creativity into business. Reading, traveling with friends to explore different cultures, and exercising to get rid of all the negative energy and to revive her mind. All her hobbies are positively influencing her creativity in generating new ideas. Also, haunting unattainable information is more like her special talent, as she always knows where to dig, and she has got a lot of fruitful sources. As a child, she wanted to be an astronaut because of her imaginative nature; her brain loved the idea of belonging to spaces, galaxies, and the stars. However, as soon as Shahdan started her university years, she knew marketing is the field she wants to give her best to. She is a start-up talent aiming at growing ConsulTrust, because the application's growth is hers as well. The superpower she wants is to transport through time and different countries and places, as well as wanting telepathic abilities. Little Mermaid, The Terminal, and Pride and Prejudice are some of her favorite movies. As described by co-workers: passionate hard worker, creative, hilariously funny, and charismatic.

Marwa Fathi

Administrative Assistant

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Marwa Ghazy

Senior Talent Acquisition

Marwa started her recruiting career in 2012. Her main passion is to be odd at what she does, to fall and rise learning from her mistakes, to learn new things and master them quickly, and to be amazed with her own creativity. she aims at making her passion a living reality with sheer dedication and hard-work. Her hobby is reading; she finds in it several worlds that she can live in and explore. Her goal is to walk with ConsulTrust side-by-side to make it the best consulting application and to support it by providing Hud System Ltd with the best talented employees. Other than her superpowers in head-hunting and talent-acquisition, she wanted to have the super power of flying. She believs that flying is just so amazing, since you could go all the way up in the sky and enjoy enviable views.

Rania Saeed

Product manager and Backend API’s Development

Rania is the product manager. She had been working in this career for more than 7 years before joining Hud Systems. Her biggest passion is helping others, learning new things, and fixing stuff. From time to time she goes in hiking trips to revive her mind. Her main hobbies are traveling and hiking. She has an adventurous character. Her dream-job since she was a child is to be a pilot, so she decided to be a developer and fly with her code. She is working in developing ConsulTrust and her major goal is to make it number one application in MENA and provide consultation services with high-quality and high customer-satisfaction. She chose not to be like any superhero. she chose to be Xena; flying and rolling in the air. Her favorite movies are Inception, The Pursuit of Happiness and the Egyptian movie Hamaty Malak- My mother-in-law is an Angel. Rania is a the loveliest in her team and always described as an ambitious, friendly, smart, and compassionate team leader. She is an attentive listener and has a keen eye for accuracy. One of our most helpful hardworking and dependable, yet friendly Team Leaders is Rania.

Martha Mounir

Back End Developer

Martha is the quiet hard worker team member. She started the career that she is passionate about in 2015. Her supportive nature grew her passion into helping others and making this world a better place through smart usage of technology. she loves reading and writing. Her talent is to write her thoughts in an attractive way; a talented code creator and sentence writer too. A mathematician is what she wanted to be, as she loves numbers and has very good numerical skills. she wants ConsulTrust to be one of the top start-up applications in MENA market in 2017 -2018. She has a wide imagination admiring Harry Potter whom she wished to have his superpowers. Her favorite movies are Harry Potter series, of course, Shawshank Redemption, and Pride and Prejudice. Martha as described by colleagues: a kind, independent, supportive, a professional hard worker who is smart and passionate.

Aya Hamdy

UI Developer

Aya is a fresh talent with fresh mind and ideas. Her peculiar taste in design and colours urged initiating her career as a web designer in 2015. she aims at being a full stack developer moving between the front -end coding and the back-end one. Her passion is to always be learning, to live happily, help others, and feel that she adds value to the community she participates in. Her dream job as a child was to be an interior designer, and that is why her unique taste is being implemented into the website. Karate, watching TV, colouring and volunteering are her hobbies. ConsulTrust embodies her passion, as she craves seeing its growth. She works on its identity and she aims at developing it till it reaches the top, and be the first-best consulting app in the Middle East. She wished to be a Batwoman to help those in need. Her favourite movies are I'm Legend and The Karate Kid. Aya as described by others: a generous, courageous, and friendly person with an amazing taste of colours .

Mina Fareed

Aandroid Developer

He is a communication engineering graduate who chose to start a Mobile Development career since he enjoys playing with codes and conquering the bugs. His software developing career started in 2013. He is passionate about helping people. He is well-known in the team for being a helpful, wise gentleman. Business successfulness is his number one goal simultaneous with leading a happy life with his wife and family. When energetic, he is into football and tennis, and when it is time to be less active, he plays PlayStation games. As a child, he wanted to be a businessman with his own business seeing his dream-project getting bigger every day. He enjoys this with ConsulTrust; seeing it growing and developing every day to be the first successful app worldwide. He desired to be the superhero El Keber Awe, The Very Big. An Egyptian peasant fictional character who is hilariously entertaining, yet with a strong character. Pirates of the Carribean is his favourite movie. Mina, as described by colleagues, is a talented hard worker, creative, and wise, as well as always having an opinion to add more great features to the application. He is a one-man in a 7-women team.

Eman Alsabbagh

IOS Developer

Eman is the accurate hard worker team member. She started her career in 2012. She is known for her creativity and detail-orientation; the perfectionist. She always wants to view the whole picture to work on it and implement all of its details in a perfect manner. Hard to be satisfied with her own results, which makes her work more on developing it till it reaches its optimum. She has various hobbies; she loves to draw and to read poetry and Arabic literature. Poetry is her deep-rooted passion to the extent that the great Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawky is her role model. Conquering bugs and challenging herself is her job-related goal as a developer. She desired Superman's superpowers to help others. Her vision about ConsulTrust is to make it a great giant application aiming at helping other people in their daily significant queries and to impact on their lives positively that they will use it on daily basis just like Facebook. Her favourite movies are The Pursuit of Happiness, Freedom Writers, and The Blind Side. Eman as described by co-workers: task and detail-oriented, intelligent, and a friendly hard worker a keen eye for details.